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As he spoke he took the little prodigal bird Acka out from his bag. Acka was sleeping after having eaten an unknown amount of thingsHong Dali would soon find out what he ate. He took a close look and was devastated


When Li Tianxing arrived in front of Hong Dali, he suddenly stopped and looked at Hong Dali and his entourage curiously. As his eyes fixated on Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei, he was slightly shocked. En? Two beauties. I wonder which planet could these two beautiful ladies be from. The only thing that could attract his attention was ravishing beauties like Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei. As for the Double Honorary Aristocrat Hong Dali, he could not care less.


“Haha, no problem, understood!” The construction workers all smiled and replied, “Ever since I starting believing in Dali Cult, I feel energetic all over!”


“All of you, listen carefully.” Yin Tianzong instructed his guards. “My Brother Dali, he’s my brother. Guard his villa carefully. If any problem happens there, I will chop up all of you and feed you to the dogs, do you all hear me!?”


These shops were all average shops running legitimate businesses. The system did not take them into the total squandered value at all. Hong Dali was very depressed. Sigh, Im not being prodigal enough


Their relationship must be quite good for Hong Dali to bring Miss Qianxue out in plain clothes. Although Hong Dali was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, he should not dare to become Miss Qianxues lover. It seemed they should be very good friends. He could not afford to offend someone like that!

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Since he had agreed, Yin Tianzong instantly instructed his subordinate. “You, come here. Brother Dali said that he wants my filming company, so transfer it to his name later. Together with the company building too, understand?”


There were already three to five passers-by standing in front of the shop that Hong Dali bought. They looked at the gems embedded armor in the shop and discussed among themselves


The Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine was poured into the jade bowl. Sure enough, the golden Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine glowed brightly as it swished in the jade bowl in the soft lighting. Mister Gate drank it in one gulp, laughing. “Interesting, wahahaha, interesting! Kid, continue talking!”


He exclaimed every time he appraised one piece of equipment. The Goblin was trembling with excitementthey got lucky this time! Such extravagant items. They should be able to get quite a bit of commission! If one piece of equipment was sold for five hundred thousand, they would get a few hundred or thousand. So many pieces of equipment


Of course, that was still acceptable. When they saw more than ten spacecraft representing Galaxy Aristocrats, everyone knew that this auction was not as simple as it seemed!


Talking to her parents about such secrets? They would definitely be against it. Telling the guards about it was also out of the question.


Dali, Tang Muxin asked cautiously, will anyone want to watch such a movie? I heard the review is quite strict here. Will we lose money?



Hong Dali and his people strode straight through the doors of the auction hall. There was already a small device welcoming them. Beautiful young ladies from the elf clan donned in elegant dresses stood in a row, bowing at ninety degrees, and greeted in unison. Welcome to the Sauron auction! High-class, lavish, exquisiteespecially the deep cleavage, huge breasts.



He did not kill any in his first attempt. Second attempt, one. Third to thirty-sixth attempt, three. Seventy-fifth attempt, five… Now, he was at his one hundred and thirty-fourth attempt and had only killed eight!


He would have to watch Jiang Qianxue. If she fell in love with this super-genius, if this super-genius was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, it would be problematic!


Rubbish. Gate pouted. You are the only person I can get along among the Galaxy Aristocrats. The things you do are still bearable. Others, hehe, if they dare to show off in front of me, I will punch them! Tell me, I dont need to give face to such a small Honorary Aristocrat yet. Whats up?

  • Ice Soul Stone! Someone who possessed the power to control ice. He was very powerful, indeed!
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